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Purple: the combination of the stability of blue and the fierceness of red. Together, the color purple stands for ambition, independence and dignity. All of which I believe strongly that I possess.

From a young age I walked boldly towards my passions and interests with my brain full of curiosity. These attributes about me didn’t change when I came to college and discovered my love for social media management and video production.

From the moment I stepped foot on the Cal Poly campus, I took on our motto “Learn by Doing” to its fullest potential. I took on the role of Social Media Editor for my school’s news organization, Mustang News, and began getting my hands wet in everything from copy writing to analytics gathering. The next year I pitched, developed and was then appointed to a new position in the newsroom, giving social media a larger presence and responsibility in the digital-developing world of journalism. As Managing Editor of Social Media, I focused my efforts on both optimizing and expanding our social platforms through analyzing analytics, producing social-native content and producing our first-ever Snapchat campaign and plan. This past year, I managed a team of three Social Media Editors as the social team continued to expand under my management. As a team we held weekly collaborative brainstorming sessions to dictate the best ways to tell our stories through social media content. From live sports updates on Instagram to pull-quote graphics for Twitter and finally to graphic-based videos for Facebook, we worked with a social-first mentality. Through my efforts at Mustang News over the past 3 years, our Facebook following has increased by 41% and our webpage views acquired from social platforms has increased by 47%.

This past summer I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles and completed two summer internships where I asked questions, grew my skills and developed myself as a professional. At Warner Bros. Records I was the Fan Engagement Intern where I helped manage artist’s social platforms. I was given the opportunity to produce a handful of video promotions, including one for Benny Cassette, which was published on his Facebook page to promote his album drop. In addition, I worked on promotional graphics and gifs for artists across the board, with some gaining more than 1,000 engagements on the Warner Bros. Records Twitter account. At Pop TV I was the Creative Services Intern where I took it upon myself to develop a complete digital marketing plan for a new show named Clique. Through diligent research I was able to establish the show’s target audience and main competitors. From these findings, I produced campaign ideas that would most resonate with our audience. In addition, throughout the summer I created social media content that was published to platforms that reach more than 350,000 followers.

Through all of the work that I do, I take big risks and experiment with new, unique ideas. I strategize content that is shareable with hopes of creating customers who can create more customers. Metrics and analytics fuel my ideas, as I continually try to beat the most recent social platform algorithm. I have a passion for crafting ambitious content that both engages and informs its viewers with innovative multimedia. I strive to break through the noise across digital platforms through strategic social media management. As a member of your team, I will continue to walk boldly towards my curiosities and face every challenge with stability, fierceness and, above all, dignity.




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